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I have suggested some latest books which everyone should read at once to know the back story from different perspectives.


8/19/20234 min read

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some latest books that must be read to get informed and Explore captivating new releases in the literary world. Engage with diverse genres and compelling narratives.

  • Beyond Fear

True Stories on Life in the Indian Armed Forces

By Ian Cardozo

A third-generation soldier from the 1st Battalion, 5th Gorkha Rifles (FF) tells his war death experience.

An officer of the Garhwal Rifles told the author a ghost story while they were visiting Lansdowne.

A compelling narrative of Wing Commander O.P. Taneja, VrC's aviation strike on Pakistan's airbase at Sargodha in 1965.These are a few of the tales that Major General Ian Cardozo tells in his book Beyond anxiety to show the reader that anxiety is not unusual. It is a trait shared by all people. Do we confront our fear or do we flee from it? He demonstrates to the reader through these thirteen tales how military members deal with terror. He refers to it as "biting the bullet."

Through the twists and turns of his novels, he demonstrates how the soldier's journey to overcome fear is aided by honour, love, courage, trust, hope, faith, and loyalty, and how these very traits may assist the reader in overcoming fear in daily life. These tales also demonstrate how occasionally, reality can be stranger than fiction.

  • Operation Payback

By Aditi Mathur kumar

Meera, a natural planner, has a clear picture of her future with her cherished husband, Capt. Ranvijay. Her gallant Para SF Commando husband received an assignment to a peace station and a job in Pune.

But destiny has other ideas.

In the Valley, Capt. Ranvijay is killed in the line of duty, leaving a distraught Meera on her own without the man who gave her unwavering self-confidence, unrestricted freedom to be who she wanted to be, and pure, unadulterated love. In order to uphold Capt. Ranvijay's reputation as a Veer Nari, Meera resolves to enlist in the Indian Army. However, she ends up putting into motion a tech-driven, calculated, and ambitious plan of action to exact a justifiable retribution for not just herself but also for Capt.

In the gripping book Operation Payback, Veer Nari demonstrates that she is a true hero and yoddah. The actual meaning of heroism, bravery, and making the most of this life—even when you feel like it hasn't been fair to you—are all themes in this tale.

  • On the Edge

100 Years of Hindi Fiction on Same-Sex Desire

By Ruth Vanita

On the Edge, which was translated from the original Hindi, is a groundbreaking collection of short tales and novel excerpts based on the issue of same-sex attraction. Published between 1927 and 2022, the sixteen stunning and thought-provoking stories included here include great pieces by Asha Sahay, Premchand, Ugra, Rajkamal Chaudhuri, Geetanjali Shree, Sara Rai, and Rajendra Yadav, among others. On the Edge, a significant anthology, turns the spotlight to stories and individuals that have for far too long been hidden from us and puts them (and us) into the light.

The Pallava emperor Mahendra Varmar successfully repels the Chalukya's siege of Kanchi, forcing the hostile king Pulikesi to request a truce. Pallavar, a statesman, is eager to make a foe a friend, but a vindictive Pulikesi breaks his word. Pallava Nadu takes the brunt of Pulikesi's fury even if the Pallavas are successful in driving the Chalukyas away.

The unexpected hand of fate grows stronger.

The Chalukyas kidnap Sivakami when the sculptor Aayanar and his family make a hasty decision. Sivakami makes a significant vow without fully comprehending the implications.

How would Sivakami's love interest, Pallava Crown Prince Narasimha Varmar, behave? Will Mahendra Varmar have the ability to mould his son's future the way he had always wanted? What function does the Machiavellian bikshu serve in Sivakami's existence as a prisoner?

Unputdownable third volume of Sivakami's Vow, The Bikshu's Love, sets up the shocking finale of this masterpiece in the fourth and final book in the series.

  • Terminal 3: A Graphic Novel set in Kashmir

By Debasmita Dasgupta

Khwab Nazir is ready to board the jet at Terminal 3 of the New Delhi International Airport in August 2019. Khwab is anxiously anticipating her upcoming international jiu-jitsu competition as the representative of India. She also thinks back on her tumultuous background, growing up in Kashmir among overwhelming challenges.

Khwab has persevered despite experiencing joy and emptiness, desire and grief, penance and serenity. She imagines that one day, life will be a paradise. The story of the common people attempting to live out their dreams in the Valley is told in Terminal 3: Breathing Against the Background of Conflict.

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